Meet Our Makers: Galia Amsel

Posted by Trish Clark on


I hope my works are contemplative and reflective: the kind of antidote you need to living in a big city.

My natural environment inspires me with the resolution of my sculptures. My ideas are based around capturing moments in movement and rhythm and exploring tension and balance. By working the surface textures and manipulating the use of colour, glass becomes the perfect medium for bringing my forms to life by the variety of ways it can capture and transmit light. 

I would love to be able to realise my work on an architectural scale. I have also dabbled with outdoor projects involving solar lighting… an area that I would like to be able to explore more thoroughly, so that I can begin creating work that fits into the landscape and lights up at night. It would be really rewarding to create work that a whole community can enjoy. Sometimes being an artist can feel quite selfish. 

I find that a new body of work can take three or four months to develop, and I try to plan it making the best use of the kilns I have in my studio so that similar things get fired together. Many of my firings now take well over two weeks each, and some things get fired twice or more, so if I do not organize this right, things just would not get in an efficient manner.