Meet Our Makers: Margi Nuttall

Posted by Trish Clark on

Making engages all parts of me… the excitement of developing the design and resolving the engineering of the piece and the glaze and the sensual physical act of making allowing the body to soften into the rhythm of wheel work... getting out of the way to let the material and form speak.

Finding stillness, balance, weight.. the importance of being in the process rather than looking to the end result. This is what has kept me going over the past 25 years, and what drives my daily studio practice - closely adhered to the meditation practice I have been following for the past 15 years. 

Each day the studio door opens to allow the clay and I to work together in a fresh new way. Object making is an evolutionary process. New work grows and builds on what has been made before, resolving and then creating new challenges. A combination of process and aesthetic come together to produce pieces that relate in series. Clean form and line and the expression of volume through the hands on process result in simple, bold beautiful pieces evoking stillness and balance.

I'm a bit of a lone wolf... the studio is a place of solitude, although I'm enjoying collaborations as they arise spontaneously.

The outcome is informed by the objective, whether for daily use on the kitchen table or as substantive pieces enhancing living or working spaces. Vase forms are bold and simple emphasising weight and stillness allowing material to speak. Clays and glazes reflect this.

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