Coffee Pod Cage - Black | Barista and Co.

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New in stock, this gorgeous coffee pod cage comes from the UK's Barista and Co, makes coffee pod storage easy, practical and good-looking! Contains the mess while looking stylish and will make a wonderful gift for other coffee lovers.  

At Barista & Co, delivering an unparalleled coffee experience is our philosophy. Now, with the emergence of coffee makers and pod machines, we’ve developed a range of coffee pod storage solutions that are both practical and elegant in design. By keeping our focus on style, accessibility and function we’ve created the Nespresso pod cage, the ideal way to store your coffee pods, coffee bags or accessories.

  • stainless steel
  • crafted by hand - every stainless steel cage is made by hand 
  • multi purpose storage - perfect for coffee capsule storage, coffee bags, coffee accessories and general utensils
  • designed to hold 40 Nespresso pods

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