Coffee Time Latte - Macchiato Glasses 4piece | WMF

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New in stock, these beautiful tall latte - macchiato glasses in heat-resistant glass by German award-winning culinary specialist firm WMF do the job and will look stylish anywhere - and make a wonderful gift for other coffee lovers.

CoffeeTime Latte - Macchiato Glasses by WMF offer drinking at its most elegant, with an open rim to keep foam firm and a transparent design to emphasize the layered effect. These premium-quality glasses make the perfect coffee glasses, or simply glasses for all your daily drinking needs. With high-quality heat-resistant WMF glass and stunning honeycomb design, The CoffeeTime Collection brings together WMF's signature craftsmanship with the creative flair of designer Jan Christian Delfs—a lover of coffee, tea, and all refined drinking experiences—for shapely vessels imbued with striking aesthetics and enhanced ergonomics. 

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About WMF Perfecting culinary design and production since being awarded a medal at the 1862 World's Fair in London, award-winning German firm WMF remains an innovator in specialist culinary design and production.