Core Milk Pitcher - Rose Gold | Barista and Co.

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New in stock, this beautiful milk jug for steaming comes from the UK's Barista and Co, it  will do the job while looking gorgeous, and make a wonderful gift for other coffee lovers.  

The Barista Essential. All good baristas and coffee lovers need a go-to milk pitcher that is accurate, durable and hard-wearing no matter what it is being used for and the Core Milk Pitcher doesn't disappoint. Our milk jugs are purposed to be used as steam wands or serving products. We don’t recommend exposing the jug to direct heat, our milk jugs are not hob safe.

  • 600 ml
  • durable and dishwasher-safe, the milk pitcher coating is tough titanium that protects from knocks and the internal medical grade 304 stainless steel is rust resistant and won't chip when used with a steam wand.
  • ergonomic, hygienic and safe - the full laser welded handle eliminates un-washable crevices and is ergonomically designed to feel natural in the hand while pouring, with ample space to prevent the fingers touching the main body while in use 
  • trusted by professionals - the Core milk frothing jugs are trusted by hundreds of coffee shops and professionals globally as they offer a lightweight body (0.7mm) with a precision pour as manufacturing jigs are used to weld the handle straight every time ensuring a straight pour for latte art 
  • accurate serving - the internal measure marks allow the correct amount of milk to be measured which reduces wastage and provides a guide to the correct milk and micro foam volume for cappuccino, latte, flat white or any other milky coffee 

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