Cilla Marea Love Dish | Rosenthal

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Esteemed German manufacturer of fine porcelain since 1879, Rosenthal has always married tradition with innovation and they have long been a favourite of mine for the particularly fine quality of their porcelain. These gorgeous small Cilla Marea plates result from a collaboration with Italian tattoo artist Pietro Sedda, taking inspiration from the beauty of the rough seas and those who brave them. A beautiful receptacle for jewellery or other small items, or just a special treasure. 

Rosenthal recently released a small collection of fine porcelain designed by Italian tattoo artist Pietro Sedda, one of the crossovers in the field of Tattoo art where the material has changed from skin to other materials. Graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, Italy, Sedda has developed a unique tattoo style that crosses into the surreal, with the focus on masculine imagery and romantic notions of the past, and these in turn have translated superbly onto porcelain. 

  • Brand: Rosenthal
  • Collection: Cilla Marea
  • Porcelain
  • Square 112 mm, height: 18 mm

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