Organic Beard Balm - Firewood | Valor

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I literally swooned when I first smelt this beard balm from Valor - I had never smelt anything like it, it was enlivening and intoxicationg - and I don't have a beard and can only imagine the pleasure that Valor's cult following enjoys with this on their faces!

A man's beard speaks about the man. Though relatively low maintenance, beards can get treated rough – and sometimes the skin beneath becomes somewhat neglected and the whiskers collect unwanted smells. Beard Balm will hydrate the whisker shaft, as well as nourish the skin and leave you with a softer, shinier, beard that smells enticing.

  • This Beard Balm – Firewood, is made from Organic cold pressed oils of Argan, Macadamia, Hemp, Borage and Coconut, suffused with 100% Pure Essential Oils – a big proportion of  Sandalwood and CO2 extracted Ginger essential oils plus Cedar wood, Madagascan Vanilla, Clary Sage and Cade.  A mellow Gingery, smoked timber aroma.
  • Contains 25ml of Beard Oil and with the roller system you can't use too much.
  • Comes in a drawstring fabric bag with a Beard tips card.

Directions from Valor: Our beard oil bottle comes with a great little German glass roller ball mechanism (I've tested it on my skin - it works a treat).  For a short beard; a little bit goes a long way. Roll through once on each side, then work the Balm into the skin and base of the whiskers with your fingers.

For a bushier beard; roll more generously onto your face.  Massage it into the whisker base and Gently “pull” the whiskers to distribute the Balm and coat the shaft, giving sheen, shape and a subtle aroma.

If you have a mega viking/ned kelly/wild man crop on your face, you can remove the roller mechanism easily and just pour a little into the palm of your hand, rub between your fingers and palms and craft it into your whiskers like a pro.  A good comb through will then distribute the oil, stimulate the skin and remove any debris and leave you more desirable than Ragnar after a long raiding trip to England.