Utopia Candle - Walden | The School of Life

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Inviting our contemplation of utopian ideals, this large elegant candle housed in a fine matte ceramic jar within a beautiful box delivers a sophisticated and subtle scent of wild berries, citrus, geranium, cassis, amber and sandalwood. The whole is inspired by American writer Henry David Thoreau's utopian attempt to create in his own life an integrated experience of nature, beauty and harmony: a beautiful gift.  

  • 90 (H) x 80 (W) mm

About The School of Life Founded in 2008 by renowned philosopher and author Alain de Botton (a personal favourite of mine), the organisation now headquartered in London and with global outreach is devoted to developing emotional intelligence across the full range of a lived life, offering classes, workshops, events, publications and a range of objects to assist the quest for more meaningful life, society, business. 

More on Thoreau's Walden: Life in the Woods In 1845, American writer Henry David Thoreau, then in his late 20s, built himself a small cabin in a quiet, idyllic location among the pine trees on the shores of Walden Pond, in Massachusetts. He wanted to explore life cut off from other people, in communion with nature, in a simple hut, without the support of machines and modern civilization. He summed up his experiences in Walden: Life in the Woods (1854), still a university text and the single most inspiring treatise for anyone wanting to imagine a less cluttered and more natural way of life. While living there, Thoreau went for long walks, read what he had always meant to read, mended his own clothes, gathered fruit, went fishing and mused on what holds us all back from living in this way ...