Postcard with Copper Detail | Gidon Bing

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Gorgeous contemporary postcard with copper detail for those who like to write by hand. Or pin up for a small artwork...

Meet Gidon Bing Best known for his ceramics, Gidon Bing has always produced artworks, and these postcards really are small artworks. He draws inspiration from the power and presence of reductive forms – a natural extension of his sculptural practice, where a fascination with the relationship between biological asymmetry and the artefact is explored. Bing's ceramics are designed and produced from a modest New Zealand boatshed atelier and basement studios and are sold and collected worldwide: New York, LA, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Paris, Copenhagen, and have featured in Selfridges of London and Milan's Salone del Mobile among others.

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My work hinges on an immediacy and intimacy with materials and process, as well as the strength and presence of reductive forms and simple, balanced, asymmetric geometry.

I work with traditional processes and materials to produce modern works of art that strive to be bold and expressive yet deceptively simple, and free of superfluous ornamentation.

This approach is influenced in part by instinctive compulsion as well as strong relationships with master artists and crafts people in Central Europe and Asia who are immersed in traditional disciplines (sculpture, mould-making, ceramics, steam bending and print making etc..) as well as Avantgarde / Modernist principles.

Aspects of my work are also informed by a fascination with the relationship between biological asymmetry and the artefact, influenced in part by a background in Archaeology / primitivism.