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For those who still cherish writing by hand, a beautifully produced notecard folio of Renoir's portraits of two charming children...or pin up as artworks

  • 10 full-colour blank notecards 177 x 127 mm (5 each of 2 artworks) with white envelopes in a decorative folio

By long-time US art publisher, Pomegranate, with the Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia

Meet Pierre-Auguste Renoir A founding member of the Impressionists alongside Monet, Bazille and Sisley, Renoir was a dedicated figurative painter; his style is characterised by the vibrant light and saturated tones that effused his canvases with energy, as well as a sensual application of colour through soft brushwork. His magnum opus, Dance at the Moulin de la Galatte (1876), in the collection of the Musée d'Orsay, Paris, epitomises his technical ability and his favoured subject matter through a snapshot of Montmarte revelry -  drinking, dancing and dining in the dappled afternoon light.