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This divinely soft, cocooning but lightweight Alpaca throw in natural undyed shades is simply breathtaking in its beauty and feel - somehow unlike any other alpaca throw I've ever experienced. The luxurious light downy finish is achieved using their unique proprietary process based on centuries' old methods. Indulge yourself or a loved one - 100% alpaca pile from alpacas raised on pasture in rural New Zealand, and produced in the country's only specialist weaving facility. 

With hair that's naturally non-irritating and hypoallergenic, Alpacas are descendants of camels and cousins to llamas, evolving thousands of years ago to develop a fine hair with remarkable softness, fineness, length, warmth, and strength - this dense fibre being a result of the harsh environment and the elevation in which they originated, the Andes Mountains of South America.  

1250 x 1850 mm with fringed ends

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About Masterweave Owned by long-time farming and weaving innovators based in New Zealand, Masterweave's quality and innovation has received recognition from government departments, designers, film directors and architects around the world.