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When I first set eyes on Botanica's range of terrariums I recognised something very special - that exceptional, and rare, perfect synthesis of ideas, design, materials, and manufacture. Its founder, South Australian Lesley Williams, has an obsessive love of rainforest and the rolling moss landscapes of Japanese gardens - challenging if you hail from the arid environment of South Australia, so 'bottling' the experience was the only answer. A successful Kickstarter campaign later, and Botanica's exquisitely designed terrariums (all made from recyclable materials, with the mini terrarium actually made of recycled materials) can now bring that temperate and tropical rainforest experience into your daily life. 

Designed in Australia by Simon Zappia & Lesley Williams, the perfect desktop companion is the new Sanctuary Mini Terrarium, acting as a small greenhouse for your favourite terrarium plants. The teardrop form of the top directs condensation back onto the foliage, emulating nature’s water cycle. The side ventilation adds further control of the microclimate. The base is a small dish to allow room for soil. Start your miniature world and add this special design piece to your home or office, or share as a unique gift.

Sanctuary S is ⊘90 x 87mm



  • sanctuary - acrylic top, PVC recycled base
  • microfibre cloth bag
  • mister

Care: Use water and your microfibre bag to clean the lid, as acrylic can scratch. Do not use any chemicals to clean Sanctuary parts.