Annunciatory Angel Postcard - Fra Angelico | Pomegranate

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Exquisite postcard for those who like to write by hand. Or pin up for as a small artwork...or memento

150 x 110 mm postcard of Annunciatory Angel by Fra Angelico from about 1450 - 1455

By long-time US art publisher, Pomegranate, with the Detroit Institute of Arts

Meet Fra Angelico Fra Angelico (about 1395-1455) was described by Vasari at the time as having 'a rare and perfect talent.' Bringing a new humanism to his depictions of angels, nobles, and ordinary people, his works are sublimely beautiful, often gilded, and carry an affecting meditative quality. Angelico entered the Dominican Order in the 1420s, his work increasingly reflecting his intellectual and spiritual mileu. His mature, late production, for which he is renowned today, centres on altarpieces and frescos, particularly notable being his cycle of frescos at San Marco, Florence.