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A winter warmer from the former editor of The Good Food Guide and author of Oyster: A Gastronomic History. Read it, use it, give it - everyone needs to master the difference between stock and broth, and what delights can come only from broth.

Drew Smith, former editor of The Good Food Guide, restaurant writer for The Guardian and Glenfiddich three-times Award winner shows how to prepare soups that are tasty, wholesome and waste-free in his cookbook, Broth to Bowl. Subtitled mastering the art of soup, the author sets his readers a gentle challenge: to understand that good soup making is ‘a sequence’ and that it is broth, not stock, that forms the backbone of a good bowl of it. Start with good ingredients to make one of six simple versions - vegetable tea, potassium broth, poached chicken broth, basic beef bone broth, lobster or prawn broth, kombu broth - and you can build anything you want, he says. From the value of bone broth in your cooking to getting five to seven vegetables a day, this is a strategy that is both delicious and nutritionally optimal. Easy to follow with beautiful colour photographs, Broth to Bowl is a master class on how to prepare soups that are tasty, nutritious and waste- free.