Orange and Honey Soy Candle | Amberjack

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This is your everyday or travel scented candle. Small batch and hand poured with top quality ingredients, these candles in small amber glass jars reveal surprisingly sophisticated and pure fragrances that are a joy to inhale. Relax and forget about your hectic daily life by lighting a heavenly soy candle from Amberjack. 

  • Orange and Honey - Sweet citrus blends with sugarcane, creamy marshmallow, vanilla bean and honey, coming together to create this relaxing fragrance
  • 100% soy wax 
  • high quality phthalate-free candle fragrances, sourced from the USA 
  • paper braided wicks are zinc and lead free
  • 180g amber glass jar, approx 35-40 hours of burn time. Recommended burn time per use of about 3 hours.

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About Amberjack Inspired by the apothecaries of pre-modern times, Amberjack produces a collection of small batch home fragrances and natural skincare products. Amberjack uses 100% soy wax and high quality phthalate-free candle fragrances, sourced from the USA, which are then hand-crafted and packaged by the mother and daughter duo in their Paeroa studio in provincial New Zealand. Amberjack aims to use only natural ingredients for all of their products proving to be better for both you and the environment.