Organic Field of Poppies Family Pack - Pack of Five | LilyBee Wrap

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These food wraps made from organically grown cotton infused with an organic beeswax and tree resin solution are beautiful, smell divine and are an easy and fun alternative to plastic wrap. Making one small daily change, from plastic cling film to organic re-usable LilyBee Wrap, can lead to a world of difference to the earth's load of waste. Made in rural Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Perfect for kids' lunches, sandwiches, veggies, fruit, to cover bowls, gift wrapping, origami snack bags...Great in the fridge and out, easy to clean, use again and again.

Pack contains one XL, one large, medium, and two small LilyBee Wrap    

  • xl: 420 x 420 mm. Brilliant for large bowls, loaves of bread and those summer time halves of watermelon and other large fruit
  • large: 330 x 330 mm. Perfect for 1kg blocks of cheese, larger veg like half a pumpkin and large or double sandwiches  
  • medium: 260 x 330 mm. Ideal for standard sandwiches, bowls, smaller  blocks of cheese and cut fruit 
  • small: 180 x 220 mm. Great for snack sized foods, soft cheeses, small bits and pieces, this one always comes in handy!