H+W Branded Square Face Signet Ring | HerbertandWilks

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Beautiful minimal design from Sally Herbert of Herbert and Wilks - a unique one-off silky-smooth ring to wear for when you want to make a statement. Ring size supplied is O

Handmade in sterling silver, this branded square face Signet Ring  is easy to wear everyday or keep for special occasions.

  • band width at the back of ring 8mm
  • band thickness 2mm
  • face of Signet Ring is 14mm x 14mm

    Any different size will need to be custom made and will need 10 to 15 business days to process - you will need to ensure that your ring size is correct

    Browse Sally's work here

    Meet Sally Herbert British-born Sally Herbert is a contemporary jewellery designer and maker. Outside of her day job in commerce, and having raised three boys, Sally is engaged in following her passions and has established a home studio after extended years of study, teaching workshops there. She lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand.

    More from Sally 

    My work draws on my love of simple geometric and organic forms with my jewellery designs taking on a more sculptural nature. Conceptually my designs draw on the past and amplify the beauty and freedom in natural imperfections, working primarily in silver with highlights of gold and brass.

    From a creative family, my exposure to the world of making things by hand started at an early age. When I began studying I was first captivated by the sculptural properties of cast glass and the lost wax process, but rapidly fell in love with jewellery making and I consider the medium similar – only on a smaller scale.

    My designs rarely start life as drawings; instead I adopt a process of modelling with various mediums – paper, wax, and metal. This process allows my work to move organically in new directions and capture a sense of fluidity and movement.

    Lately, I have been focusing on the finished surface of the work. How the use of patterns, textures, and fabrics are captured by a material and the resulting change in the outward appearance of the surface.