Holes in the Head Ceramic Pendant | Julia Morison

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These intriguing ceramic pendants are small elements within Julia Morison's larger Head[case] project (her acclaimed body of ceramic heads that have been nationally toured). Each 'Head[case] holes in the head' is of unique design and handcrafted, packaged in a gift box with a signed edition certificate (limited edition of 50) from Morison. A very special gift for an art lover (or yourself).

  • Handmade ceramic pendants
  • On woven string of adjustable length (max 380mm)
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Gift-wrapped in box with signed edition certificate
  • Limited Edition of 50

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Meet Julia Morison Julia Morison is one of New Zealand's senior artists, working across a diverse range of media from sculpture and painting to large scale installation works. Deep and fearless exploration of symbolism from a variety of cultural sources has characterised her work over several decades, and she is known for pushing the boundaries of formal and conceptual convention. Morison lives and works in Christchurch, New Zealand.