Is The Art Pretty Tote Bag | We Go To The Gallery

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Great conversation starter, this is the perfect large and sturdy tote for every occasion, or a great gift, and features an inner pocket for phone and purse. From Miriam Elia's cult hit We Go To The Gallery collection. 

  • 100% polycotton
  • Size: 390 mm x 680 mm 

Meet Miriam Elia Miriam Elia is a British educator dedicated to teaching art and Zen Buddhism to young minds, and author of the small-format hardcover Dung Beetle Reading suite for under-5's, that have unexpectedly become cult classics for those much older. 'The future of British art and cultural standards depends on our children grasping the full significance of contemporary art, so that they can lead full, happy and conflicted lives for many generations to come' - Miriam Elia.