Knitted Baby Buggy Blanket | Stansborough

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Surround and swaddle baby in this gorgeous knitted blanket, available in four delicious colours. Versatile, natural & breathable, perfect to stretch around newborns and for dragging around in the buggy as baby grows. No chemicals in the raising of the sheep, the pasture, or in their wool processing. Fully organic from start to finish, so perfect for babies. 

  • Size: approx 100 x 100cm (as this is a handcrafted knitted item, it stretches in both directions so sizing is approximate)
  • 100% Stansborough Grey Wool or Stansborough Grey Finer Lambswool
  • Please note bag shown, not included

About Stansborough Stansborough is a long-established New Zealand sheep station where the owners made a decision 27 years ago to diversify their farming activities and developed a specialised grey sheep flock for the production of specialised textiles. Unique in the world, the Stansborough Grey produces lustrous grey fibres with a drape and handle unlike any other, creating stunning collections of exquisite textile pieces, with each piece individually finished. From organic New Zealand pastures  and organically raised sheep (1200), to processing the fibre to using the skills of craftsmen on their historic 1890's looms, no chemicals are involved and traditional processes are followed. They export internationally and their fibre was used to costume most of the main characters in Sir Peter Jackson's major films The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, as well as Disney's Narnia films and James Cameron's Avatar, among many others.