Lichtenstein Drowning Girl Umbrella | MoMA

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Be a hit on the street with this dramatic folding featuring one of Roy Lichtenstein's most recognised paintings in the Collection of New York's MoMA, Drowning Girl, 1963, or gift to an art-lover.

  • 1020 mm span
  • collapsible for travel
  • polyester
  • printed sleeve packaging

Meet Roy Lichtenstein New York artist Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997) developed a singular and signature approach to painting in the early 60's which came to be coined Pop Art. Though he saw action in WWII in France, Belgium and Germany, Lichtenstein returned postwar to art studies in the US. His signature breakthrough was to recognise the artifice and conventions that permeated art and society, and to develop 'a purely American mythological subject matter' from trivia typically disdained as popular imagery.