Lime Coloured Glass Tumblers 4 Piece Set | Eva Solo

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Sophisticated Danish design for simple everyday glass tumblers elevates this 4-piece set to special - and the tempered glass means you can have a range of options on the table, hot and cold, all in the same glassware, and if dropped and it does break, will break into small chunks that won't damage anyone or anything!

  • borosilicate glass, withstands hot and cold
  • dishwasher-safe
  • capacity: 250ml
  • 90 mm x 80 mm top diameter

About Eva Solo Producing excellent Danish design since 1913, and still family-owned after four generations, Eva Solo's essence remains aesthetics, functionality and quality, imparting sophisticated Danish design to everyday furniture and objects. Awarded more than 200 international design prizes over the years, Eva Solo's designers pride themselves on continual innovation and exploration.