Mark Rothko - Book of Postcards | Pomegranate

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For those who still cherish writing by hand, a beautifully produced postcard set of Rothko masterpieces ...or keep the book for your own collection

  • 30 full-colour 165 x 120 mm postcard reproductions, bound and perforated for easy removal

By long-time US art publisher, Pomegranate, with The National Gallery of Art, Washington. 

Meet Mark Rothko Renowned artist Mark Rothko (1903–1970) was a central figure in the development of postwar abstract painting in New York, best known for his luminous paintings featuring subtle yet extraordinary colours that mesh with no apparent borders. Painted at commanding scale and full of silent communion with the viewer, Rothko's remarkable legacy was simply expressed by him in 1943: 'We favor the simple expression of the complex thought.'