Olive Carafe | Monmouth

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We're delighted to bring you mouth-blown glass made in New Zealand by the very talented team at Monmouth Glass!

Monmouth is a traditional glassblowing studio. Their furnace holds 120 kilos of glass, and is kept molten at a temperature of 1110 degrees Celsius twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Every piece is gathered from the furnace then hand-shaped and mouth-blown using traditional glassblowing techniques that date back hundreds of years. This hand-blown glass carafe makes a beautiful decanter or water jug, its colour coming from an intense powdered pigment that spreads organically through the hot glass in the making process.

Monmouth glass is hand-blown, so variations in both colour density and surface should be expected.

  • 14 x 24 cm
  • Made in New Zealand

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