Painted Beach Notebook - unlined | Tumbleweed

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I was very happy when I discovered these really beautiful unlined notebooks that reveal refined discernment about paper stock and ink colour inside as well as out (you'd be surprised how rare this is!). Constructed from recycled paper stock, beautiful soft ink colour and the cover image of the maker's hand-painted delicate watercolour printed on FSC kraft - this is the gently uplifting accompaniment to your day, whether you write, study, diary or make to-do lists...
  • 210 x 150 mm
  • 64 pages, unlined
  • made in New Zealand using 100% recycled FSC certified pages and brown kraft covers

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About Tumbleweed Meet Canadian Kimberly Andrews, with a postgraduate degree in biology and geology, who brings a conservation focus to her illustration and design work. With experience ranging from working in the Borneo rainforests as a conservation biologist for the Sabah government to working in London's Natural History Museum and The House of Illustration, Andrews now lives in New Zealand where her illustration work has garnered awards. She has established Tumbleweed and created the paintings of New Zealand flora and fauna used to illustrate the covers of her Tumbleweed notebooks.