Lichtenstein Pocket Mirror | MoMA

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The perfect pocket mirror for all occasions, or gift to an art-lover...based on Roy Lichtenstein's artwork Mirror #10, 1970, in MoMA's collection.

  • Double-sided 1x and 2x magnification compact mirror with push-button closure
  • 95mm x diam 64mm
  • Iron, epoxy

Meet Roy Lichtenstein New York artist Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997) developed a singular and signature approach to painting in the early 60's which came to be coined Pop Art, developing 'a purely American mythological subject matter' from trivia typically disdained as popular imagery. Inspired both by the mirror's long-running motif in Western art, and a series of mirror advertisements he encountered in store windows, Lichtenstein created circular mirror paintings between 1969 and 1972 that shared distinctive patterns of stylized gleams and shadows.