Raw Mānuka Honey 850+ 250g | Activist

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Honey bees and pure New Zealand Mānuka have done the work, now you can enjoy and enhance your wellbeing, or give a special gift: as seen in VOGUE, MIND BODY GREEN + BON APPETIT. Wildcrafted in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native Mānuka bush, it's raw and unprocessed, produced in small batches to retain the honey’s natural nutritional properties and plant enzymes. It's independently tested and certified using the Methylglyoxal (MGO) grading system, which verifies that this Mānuka honey is authentic ie 850+ MGO honey is guaranteed to contain at least 850mg Methylglyoxal per kg.

Enjoyed daily, this medicinal level Mānuka honey is shown to

  • improve digestion
  • increase vitality and immunity
  • provide energy
  • fight bacteria
  • reduce inflammation and irritation

About MGO Certification MGO Certification using the Methylglyoxal (MGO) grading system is scientific, precise, and transparent with no possibility of ambiguity. The MGO rating is well recognized as a mark of authentic Mānuka honey: the higher the MGO rating the higher the level of antibacterial activity, Mānuka’s key differentiator and global appeal. Products claiming to be Mānuka honey but not showing an MGO or UMF rating are unlikely to be genuine. You can enjoy the confidence of purchasing premium Mānuka honey backed by the MGO guarantee.

About Activist Activist was founded by husband and wife Luke Harwood and Gabrielle Mirkin, whose shared passion for the earth and natural products can be traced to their childhoods in New Zealand. After working in New York as Senior Art Director at Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, a time of reflection led to re-engagement with environmental pursuits and Activist was born (along with a child), spanning New Zealand and California, and is family owned and operated - alongside New Zealand's honey bees and beekeepers!