Remodelista: The Organized Home | Julie Carlson and Margot Guralnick | ARTISAN

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It's simple, really, but some people need help to get the hang of it. Get this book - it's the original home organisation handbook.

Buy fewer (and better) things. Store like with like. Get rid of the plastic. Display—don’t stash—your belongings. Let go of your inner perfectionist and remember that rooms are for living. These are a few of the central principles behind Remodelista: The Organized Home, the book from the team behind the inspirational design site 

A decluttering tome that supports the beauty of organisation, helping readers to understand that order can be artful. The book goes room by room through every space in the house, breaking down not only what to toss and keep, but also how to make your home efficient without sacrificing style

  • Hardback
  • English
  • 235 mm x 165mm
  • 224pp
  • full colour illustrations