Skipper Pocket Knife | Victorinox

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For the nautical one in your life (or maybe that's you) - the wondrous Swiss Army Knife reimagined for the 21st century, with the Workman Range 111mm pocket knives built for the big jobs, featuring large, powerful tools and super-strong liner-locks for safety and reliability. Perfect companion for when the going gets tough!

The Skipper features:
1. lock blade with 3/4 wavy edge
2. corkscrew
3. can opener with
4. small screwdriver
5. lockable bottle opener with
6. screwdriver
7. wire stripper
8. reamer, punch
9. key ring
10. tweezers
11. toothpick
12. shackle opener with
13. marlin spike
14. pliers with
15. wire cutters
16. wire crimping tool
17. Phillips screwdriver
18. lanyard

Size: 111mm
Colour: Blue with compass rose print