Steam - Liquorice & Calendula | Tier for Teens

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This is a great gift for sensitive teens troubled by their skin. Incorporating much traditional knowledge, Tier for Teens has been developed by boutique skincare range Nellie Tier, and their carefully selected natural ingredients can assist during what can be a tough time for sensitive teens. 

  • Natural & cruelty free
  • Softens hard sebum
  • Unclogs pores
  • Reduces acne and inflammation

The natural steam treatment in Liquorice & Calendula incorporates a blend of eleven healing herbs including wild crafted white Willow Bark to calm inflammation and Sage to reduce pore size. Lavender and Comfrey promote healing, Rosemary stimulates blood circulation and Liquorice Root, Hibiscus flowers, Rose and Calendula calm irritation, soothe and soften the skin. Tea Tree and Lemon are amongst the blend of pure essential oils added for their healing and antiseptic properties


Salix alba (White Willow bark), Stellaria media (chickweed), Salvia Officinalis (sage), Lavendula officinalis (lavender), Symphytum officinale (comfrey), Glycyrrhiza glabra (liquorice root), Hibiscus sabdariffa (hibiscus), Calendula officinalis (calendula), Rosa rugosa (rose), Camellia sinensis (green tea), Rosemarinus officinalis (rosemary), Centaurea cyanus (cornflower), Blend of Pure Essential Oil blend including Citrus limon (lemon) and Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree)

How to use: Once a week add one STEAM bag to 1 litre of boiling water.  Cover and steep for 10 minutes.  Place the bowl on a heatproof surface and with your face about 25cm from the table surface create a tent over your head with a towel.   Steam your face for 10 – 15 minutes.