The Rhinoceros Postcard - Albrecht Dürer | Pomegranate

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Exquisite postcard for those who like to write by hand. Or pin up for a small artwork...or memento

150 x 110 mm postcard of  The Rhinoceros by Albrecht Dürer 

By long-time US art publisher, Pomegranate

Meet Albrecht Dürer Credited as the greatest painter and printmaker of the German Renaissance, Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) produced a vast corpus of works ranging across altarpieces, portraits, self-portraits, engravings and books. Returning from a year long visit to Venice where he encountered Italian masters Mantegna and Pollaiulo, he published The Apocalypse in 1498, a woodcut series that cemented his fame in Europe with its bold, Gothic style, technical mastery and innovative format. His contributions to the craft of engraving in particular proved especially influential; driving increased interest in clarity, accuracy and detail, as well as efforts to represent realistic anatomy.