Utopia Candle - The City of Tomorrow | The School of Life

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Inviting our contemplation of utopian ideals, this large elegant candle housed in a fine matte ceramic jar within a beautiful box delivers a sophisticated and subtle scent of freshly cut grass with green pear, rose, lily, jasmine and balsam. The whole is inspired by the modernist thinking of revered architect Le Corbusier: a truly beautiful gift for an architect or designer.

  • 90 (H) x 80 (W) mm

About The School of Life Founded in 2008 by renowned philosopher and author Alain de Botton (a personal favourite of mine), the organisation now headquartered in London and with global outreach is devoted to developing emotional intelligence across the full range of a lived life, offering classes, workshops, events, publications and a range of objects to assist the quest for more meaningful life, society, business. 

More on Le Corbusier's The City of Tomorrow Throughout history, visionary people have contemplated and designed utopias, perfect unreal worlds that yet serve to illuminate real needs. In 1925, the Swiss-French modernist architect Le Corbusier published The City of Tomorrow and its Planning, describing a city made perfect through beautiful, rational contemporary architecture. The City of Tomorrow would be uncluttered, calm and elegantly proportioned, with public gardens and allotments on the roofs of skyscrapers. There would be dignified housing for all and none of the anxiety and stress of our current large cities. Technology would simplify life and commuters would move from their homes to offices in minutes on high-speed trains; their offices would be serene, with perfect filing systems and moderate work hours. People would keep fit by regularly playing tennis and going swimming. There would be no slovenliness, no squalour and no garishness ...