Virtues Theologales Linen Tea Towel | Louise Bourgeois

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This beautiful 100% linen tea towel delivers the character of revered artist Louise Bourgeois straight to your kitchen - the striking image from her 2001 ink drawing Virtues Théologales, the petals roughly translated read: 'Loves me, loves me not (passionately, crazily, not at all, with love, a little, a lot...'). Or pin or frame on the wall for an affordable Louise Bourgeois artwork!

  • 100% linen
  • open edition screen-print with embroidery
  • 715 x 490 mm
  • produced by Third Drawer Down Studio with The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles and The Easton Foundation ©

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Meet Louise Bourgeois One of the key artists of the 20th century, Louise Bourgeois was born in Paris in 1911 and emigrated to New York in 1938, living there until the age of 99. Using the body and its parts as a primary form, including the spider as metaphor for the mother, Bourgeois explored the full range of the human condition, often drawing upon memories and sexuality that gave her work an edge that many found challenging. Her personal obsessions found form ranging from lyrical drawings to enormous installations and achieved a profound universal voice.