White Grapefruit Bench Spray | Real World

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The perfect addition to your kitchen - no chemical smell and leaves benches divinely fresh smelling and feeling! Created in rural New Zealand, backed by real botanical knowledge with nuanced understanding of fragrance, Real World's natural plant-based products lift your spirits, smell and feel great and do what they say they will.

All products are:

  • free from sulphates, silicons, parabens, toxins, petrochemicals, artificial dyes or colours
  • not tested on animals
  • made from natural ingredients that are recognisable by name
  • handcrafted in small batches
  • in containers chosen with recycling in mind 

White Grapefruit Bench Spray with tea tree and white grapefruit essential oils to eliminate bacteria and cut through grease Ingredients: water, white grapefruit essential oil, tea tree essential oil, cocoglucoside, cocabetaine, citric acid & potassium sorbate Container 500ml Amber glass push-dispenser