Women Portraits by Gustav Klimt - Boxed Notecards | Pomegranate

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For those who still cherish writing by hand, a beautifully produced notecard set of dazzling dames by Gustav Klimt...or pin up as small artworks

  • 20 assorted blank notecards 177 x 127 mm (5 each of 4 artworks) with white envelopes in a decorative box

By long-time US art publisher, Pomegranate

Meet Gustav Klimt Renowned Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) founded the anti-academic school of painting known as the Vienna Secession in 1897. The artist drew inspiration from Byzantine and classical Greek symbolism, drenched figures in shimmering gold and utilised a frankly erotic approach in his paintings, which sometimes generated public opprobrium. His most famous works including The Kiss (1907-08) were painted during his later 'Golden Period'.