Love Was Infinitely Shining Ceramic Plate | Yayoi Kusama

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LAST ONE IN STOCK! This ceramic plate featuring renowned artist Yayoi Kusama’s artwork Love Was Infinitely Shining is the perfect gift for an art-lover, or collect a stack of art plates for your dining table...

  • gift boxed
  • 270 mm diameter
  • produced by Third Drawer Down Studio in collaboration with Yayoi Kusama, available only in art museums and exclusive design stores 

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Meet Yayoi Kusama An early pioneer of happenings and performance art in New York's 1960's scene, and now one of the world's most prominent contemporary artists, Yayoi Kusama is still actively making artwork in her Tokyo studio and exhibiting in her 90's. The artist’s distinctive polka dots and repeated faces motifs are often read as part of Kusama’s artistic attempts to recreate her experiences of hallucinations; the artist has voluntarily lived in a Japanese psychiatric hospital for several decades, nearby her studio.