The Kinfolk Garden: How to Live With Nature | John Burns | ARTISAN

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The excellent Kinfolk Garden joins its cousins The Kinfolk Table, The Kinfolk Home and The Kinfolk Entrepreneur as the latest volume in the Kinfolk book series founded by Nathan Williams. Kinfolk is about curating a life well-lived, and The Kinfolk Garden invites contemplation on how lush greenery and leafy homes can foster self-care, introspection, and stronger relationships. Perfect for this pandemic period!

The Kinfolk Garden explores the gardens and stories of 30 people across the globe, offering insight and advice on all things green, whether endeavouring to grow your own produce to simply keeping your houseplants alive a little longer. 

Meet John Burns John Burns is the editor-in-chief of Kinfolk magazine. His extensive career writing for lifestyle publications has taken him globally, including writing for Monocle, Time Out, and Brownbook magazines in London, Beirut, and Dubai. He is currently writing the next book in the Kinfolk series, to be titled The Kinfolk Traveller.